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What is Ansarada Data Room?

Most companies have to deal with hundreds of files, and the volume of paperwork is enormous, not mentioning the risk of mistakes and data loss. Leveraging advanced technologies and failure-resistant hardware, Ansarada offers a versatile answer to this problem. This is a secure data room for storage of data and files of different formats that gives you simple and free access to your sensitive corporate information. It was established in 2005 in Australia and offers great data storage solutions for clients from all over the world. This data room for m&a introduces AI to make storage more secure and is perfect for solving due diligence questions.

Key features of the data room include:

  • Zero risks of data loss and unauthorized access, as well as tracking and outside view. The user selects access rights for documents.
  • Detailed reports of document access: know who and when read, downloaded, or edited the files.
  • AI insights: the artificial intelligence analyses files and can provide you with useful statistics.
  • Document self-destruction, one of virtual data room services, makes your files safer.

The advantages and disadvantages of Ansarada Data Room

To understand whether it’s a suitable solution for your business, observe the pros and cons of Ansarada data room:

Provides AI analytics and insight.Has a standard set of tools, mostly tailored for the m&a process.
24/customer support is present (email, phone)No online help center
Provides real-time tracking and detailed reports about document accessNo encryption keys can be managed by a user
Convenient search optionsDoes not have iOS and Android agents

Who can benefit from Ansarada?

Being tailored for the m&a process, this virtual data room will prove useful for all participants. Thus, advisors can simplify and accelerate the preparation of materials and get in touch with their clients quicker. Companies reduce the risk of data loss and make sure no one can access files without permission. Investors may boost the portfolio value, and streamline its preparation.

Although this data room is not quite suitable for long-term storage of data, it is perfect for m&a operations, and can greatly simplify the task for all parties involved. Its software and tools are enough to keep your files and materials under ultimate control.

Ansarada features:

Features Ansarada

Industry Solutions

Biotech Licensing
Board Portals
Clinical Studies
Document Repository
Due Diligence
M&A Buy Side
M&A Sell Side
Private Equity
Debt Financing
IPO & Exits

Files & Folders Management

File Formats Supported: Any file format supported
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Folders
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Folders
Archives Upload & Extraction
Export of Data Room Index to Excel
Document Version Control
Multilingual Documents Index

File Protection & Digital Rights Management

Granular Document Permissions
View-Only Access
Prevention of Download, Print and Copy
Customizable Document Watermarks
Document Access Expiry
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryption
Remote Shredding of Documents
Secure Fence View

Data Hosting

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
ISO 27001 Certified
Data Backup
SOC 2 Certified

Access Security

Granular User Permissions
Permission Groups
Access Expiration
Two-Factor Authentications
Mobile Device Management
Access Limitation by IP Address

Accessibility & Ease Of Use

No Plugins
Scroll-Through Web-Based Document Viewer
Mobile Device Interface
User Interface Languages:
iOS Application
Android Application

Search, OCR & Filters

Search by Name
Search by Content (Full Text Search)
Filtering by Parameters
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Collaboration Features

Basic Questions & Answers Module
Advanced Questions & Answers Module
New Document Email Notifications
Secure User Messaging
Files & Folders Notes

Activity Tracking & Reporting

Tracking of All User Activity
Real-Time Audit Trail
Graphic Reports
Tracking of Document Viewing Time
Scheduled Reports (Sending to Email)


Branded User Interface
Custom Login Page
Custom User Invitation Letter
Custom Agreements for Accessing Data Room
Single Sign-On Integration
Customer-Managed Encryption Keys
Integrations Through APIs

Support & Services

Business Hours Support
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Phone & Email Support
Dedicated Project Manager
Data Room Archive on DVD or USB Drive
Support Languages: English
Online Help Center
Live Trainings
Translation Services

Deployment Options

Cloud (Web-Based)
On-Premise (Installed)
Multiple Datacenter Locations

Trial & Pricing

Free Trial: no
Price: Negotiable

Company Info

Established: 2005
Locations: United States, The Netherlands, Germany, China, South Africa, UK, Malaysia, Australia
Employees: 150

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  • Maren - Construction 15 Jan, 2020 15:30 5 / 5.0
    We use Ansarada as a client to large organizations for Tendering purposes. It is great to be able to have one true source of all Tender documents to download from and return to. I like the opportunity to bulk download option as I often have multiple documents to download. It saves a lot of working hours, otherwise, it takes hours to download on their own.
  • Lisa B. - Finance 23 Dec, 2019 13:37 4.6 / 5.0
    Ansarada virtual data room was useful for our team in distributing extensive documents. It did its job fine, and the interface was simple to understand. Download speeds were also exceptional. The only thing that I disliked about Ansarada was the individual permission settings for each document. Explicitly, you could not group disable documents but had to go through one by one and do this.
  • Yando - KPMG 16 Dec, 2019 13:10 4.8 / 5.0
    Ansarada software provides the most convenient and simple interface of a virtual data room! This is their very important advantage!
  • Shaquille - Legal Services 02 Dec, 2019 13:54 5 / 5.0
    The interface was very easy to use. It is much more intuitive than other VDR providers. They also seem more willing to negotiate when compared to other providers. Ease of interface is the best in the industry with about average price point for the industry. If you are looking to share the dataroom with users that are not familiar with due diligence then this is best choice, For example, a start-up is going through M&A then it would be the best choice because it is more likely than not that the startup team would not be as familiar with VDRs compared to a Private Equity firm or Investment bank.
  • Charley L. - Allen & Overy 28 Nov, 2019 17:36 5 / 5.0
    Totally positive user experience! Very clear and intuitive interface, simple integration tools and high quality AI automation. Highly recommend!
  • Stephen K. - Dometic Waeco International 19 Nov, 2019 14:34 4 / 5.0
    A huge weakness of the provider is that there are no native iOS or Android app. So it is really clunky to use when you need to get somebody new access while hustling between planes.
  • Wesley S. - White Box 05 Nov, 2019 13:06 4 / 5.0
    The organization of due diligence documents and Q&A tracking are clean and efficient. Interface is intuitive and effective to keep buyers focused on answers to their specific questions. The is a possibility to track how each bidder is getting through the process. We effectively managed numerous large bidders through the sale of our company. Sometimes the large data file uploads and uploading lots of files takes quite a bit of time, and it's difficult to determine if all of it got successfully uploaded, you have to monitor it.
  • Sofia R. - Avanti Ltd. 29 Oct, 2019 14:46 4 / 5.0
    Great for keeping all office applications in one easy location without having to install directly on the individual's computer. Can be glitch for accessing apps occasionally. Not hard to restart the app or find it again, but annoying in the sense that you do have to stop what you are doing and restart the application because it re-synced and lost certain connections.
  • Scott 18 Oct, 2019 15:08 3.2 / 5.0
    Q&A is needed modifications! Intralinks, iDeals and various other data room operators have the ability to ask questions on behalf of 3rd parties, this is seriously helpful where they need the questions processed quickly. Further, the fact that you need to be a Q&A administrator to see the name of the Question Author is quite ridiculous. In a sell-side process where there's more than one potential acquirer in the data room asking questions unless the sell-side client is an admin, i.e. if they are approver or author, they can't see who is asking the question which means it's very difficult to correctly direct an answer.
  • Shaquille S. - Legal Services 17 Oct, 2019 11:27 3.2 / 5.0
    We know that they are always looking for service improvements so that the product offered has the greatest acceptance by users. However, the limitations we have faced have been inconvenient in the telephone assistance, since the much-needed advice was achieved but the connection in this way was prolonged.
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