Data Room for M&A in Singapore

In Singapore, a few industries make up a large portion of M&A activity. These include the financial sector that accounts for 16.8% of all deals valued at $753 billion, the materials sector with $558 billion, and the industrial sector with $527 billion. 

The industrial sector has had the largest number of M&A transactions since 2000, with almost ten thousand completed transactions. The materials sector was also very active, with 9,516 mergers and acquisitions. And the financial industry wasn’t far behind, with around 9,400 deals. 

As you can see, deals being closed require thorough document preparation. With the virtual data room for M&A, businesses can save many resources and focus on other important things. Using traditional physical data rooms is not sufficient anymore. It’s better to use technology and take advantage of its features and benefits. A suitable M&A data room makes the due diligence process much faster and secure. 

What is an M&A data room?

An M&A data room is a cloud solution where businesses can securely store, share, and manage confidential documentation for  merger and acquisition transactions. Equipped with additional security, tracking, and analytics features, a virtual deal room becomes a powerful tool giving you full control over your data.

Security features, such as permission levels, two-factor authentication, watermarking, and access controls make virtual data rooms a great choice for sharing confidential information with all parties involved in the M&A process. In addition, a VDR’s tracking and analytics tools allow you to see all activity within the data room and report on your team’s overall progress.

Benefits of data room software for M&A transactions 

Why use an online data room software solution?

  1. This is a versatile solution that can be used to store, share, and protect corporate data.
  2. A digital data room provides the whole gamut of options for document handling and collaboration.
  3. This is a very cost-efficient solution that saves you boatloads of time.
  4. With a data room, M&A process is approached responsibly: you can retain full control over files and make sure that information gets in trusted hands only.
  5. Using a data room every authorized team member can get access to necessary files anytime and anywhere – most devices and platforms are supported.

Among the main benefits that data room software provides, users most often report security, convenient collaboration, and built-in communication:

  • Security is the key aspect of good, trustworthy deal room software. Most VDR providers offer rigorous security features to ensure proprietary information you upload to the data room is encrypted and secured. Other cloud storage services, like well-known Dropbox or Google Drive, lack important file management and security features, like encryption, secure login, watermarking, activity logs, advanced user permissions, and data controls offered by a data room.
  • Convenient collaboration. A virtual data room for M&A helps you to handle files throughout all stages, from data collection to deal closure. This M&A solution also encourages collaboration with convenient and easy-to-use communication features, like the Q&A section, commenting, and document requests.
  • Hassle-free communication. All communication regarding due diligence can be done in one place without the need for emails or other platforms. In a VDR, you can see all updates in real-time, get notifications about changes or requests, so you can quickly react and respond.

 In addition, data room users are also considered credible in the eyes of the potential buyers, as they see that everything is well-structured and organized in one place. Using anM&A data room increases the chances of successfully completing an M&A transaction.

Top M&A data room providers in Singapore

Since Singapore is the country with the fastest Internet on the planet, it’s no surprise that virtual data room providers with servers there can ensure exceptional speed and quality of data processing. There’s a large number of M&A data room providers based in Singapore, but the most outstanding are Box, SecureDocs, and iDeals. Let’s take a closer look at them and perform a small data room comparison. Any VDR software you can find on the market can serve as a powerful tool for M&A transactions. However, it’s worth considering the following providers that offer industry-leading services:

  • iDeals. iDeals VDR solution is often called one of the best industry-leading M&A data room providers. It’s due to its functionality, support of different file formats, top document encryption, batch upload feature, and more.
  • Intralinks. You can use this provider for M&A transactions. However, you need to remember that it doesn’t provide any specific features that are designed for the M&A process. If you’re looking for a VDR provider that has advanced M&A features, other providers may be better suited.
  • Ansarada. Ansarada provider mainly focuses on clients who deal with M&A transactions, meaning its data rooms are specifically designed to facilitate merger and acquisition processes. The software provides the functions and features that analysts, advisors, and other professionals involved may need throughout all stages of the transaction.
  • Citrix. Citrix software offers various technological features for business, including the virtual data room. This provider offers a great virtual data room solution, however, it would be more suitable for storing data and simple transactions. It may not be the best option for dealing with complex deals, like M&A.
  • Datasite. Datasite software is mostly used for managing complex financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions. It’s also considered to be among the best virtual data room providers for M&A

What to consider when choosing a virtual data room for M&A 

When you’re searching for a suitable virtual data room for the M&A process, there are certain important aspects that you need to consider:

  • Security. The top priority should always be security. M&A transactions require dealing with sensitive data, so make sure you check if the provider has all the needed security certifications and is compliant with international standards. These include SOC 1, SOC 2 Type II, and ISO 9001/ISO 27001. Also, check which security features you’re getting and which practices the data room provider uses to ensure security for its clients.
  • Accessibility and ease of use. You need to make sure that the provider offers accessible training on setting up and usingthe data room. However, it’s better when the user interface is intuitive that it does not require any training. You should be able to quickly set up everything and start using the software right away.
  • Affordable pricing options. Before committing to any M&A virtual data room, make sure that you’ve researched all pricing options to ensure that you stay within your company’s budget — sometimes, pricing structures can be tricky. This will help you to avoid any hidden fees or additional costs. Flat-rate pricing for a data room solution is a popular option for many businesses. However, make sure all needed features are included so you don’t end up paying for more features later.
  • 24/7 customer service. Choose a provider that offers 24/7 customer support, so in case you have any issues with your data room, you will be able to resolve them quickly. Also, make sure that the customer service is multilingual and offers support in your language.
  • Access to features that may improve your workflow. Analyze the features you’re getting with your virtual data room software and find out how to use them to improve your team’s workflow. Another great tip to help you save some time during complex transactions is to use templates for common or repetitive tasks.

Important data room functions for effective M&A transactions

When choosing a data room to manage complex transactions, make sure you settle on a solution that provides the features and functions you need for effective work. 

A data room is a great investment, and it should completely fulfill your business needs, especially when it comes to dealing with complex transactions. Here are the features that will bring the most value to workflow and file management: 

  • Different permission options
  • Instant updates on comments and requests through notifications 
  • Ability to run several projects simultaneously
  • Customizable dashboards with analytics and tracking features 
  • Full transparency and visibility of all project activity within the data room
  • Collaboration features including the Q&A section
  • Ability to use different devices to access the data room, so documents are available anywhere anytime
  • Tools for integrated document management that allow you to edit and comment on documents

By leveraging VDR functionality, you can achieve better results and optimize the processes during the M&A transaction. These functions allow you to manage all of your files more effectively and organize them according to a specific stage in the deal.

How to use a data room for M&A

To get the maximum of your data room for M&A, you should be aware of how to exploit it correctly. As soon as you find a perfect M&A Singapore based data room for your business, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Upload business documents. As a rule, it can be done via drag-and-drop or by locating files in the command line. It won’t take much time – high-quality virtual data rooms ensure strikingly high loading speed.
  2. Add people to access the files. As a rule, you need to create accounts for every user – this way, you can make sure that only authorized personnel can access files. Alternatively, you can specify access for existing users, or specify login/email address for that.
  3. When working with access, you can take a step further and protect your files using access expiry, IP restrictions, and so on. With these advanced features, you ensure the unbeatable safety of files.
  4. Want your employees to use the platform for collaboration? Make sure they understand how it works. Sometimes, training is required to explain everything about features and functionality. Don’t miss this step – it’s important for users to handle documents accurately. Otherwise, a little mistake can cost you confidentiality and the data itself.
  5. Some companies support file format converting – perform it if needed.
  6. Share documents by sending them directly or via connected platforms. Every M&A data room is compatible with email services and data storage platforms, as well as other software.

Before you start working with a virtual data room for M&A, make sure you and your team know how to use all important features correctly. To get the most out of your data room, watch the provider’s training materials, try out a demo version, and read through instructions. Once you understand your VDR’s features, go ahead and follow these simple steps to start working with your data room. 

  1. Collect required documents and upload them to the data room. 
  2. Decide on how to structure the documents, use indexing for organizing all files.
  3. Add users to the data room and assign roles. Depending on their role, they will have different access levels for documents. 
  4. Make sure you apply needed restrictions to the documents that will be shared with potential buyers or any third parties.
  5. Check if all users went through the training materials and know-how to use different features within the data room.
  6. Start sharing documents with authorized users and begin working through the due diligence process. 

When you use a data room, the M&A process is quicker and more efficient. If used correctly, a virtual data room facilitates all tasks and helps to create a smoother workflow. 

What is an M&A data room structure?

Virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions should be well-structured so that your team is ready to deal with different requests. Due diligence requires dealing with high volumes of documentation, which is why having quick access to needed data is essential. 

For maximum efficiency, you need to make sure each file is indexed and organized. Indexing allows you to find a specific file quickly whenever you need it. It optimizes the search, so if there’s an urgent request, a critical document can be found and shared promptly.  

You can create data room folder systems for better file organization so they are more accessible to all team members and other users involved in the process. All folders should be arranged in a simple way that would naturally help a user navigate through documents and find the information they need.

Physical and virtual data rooms in M&A deals

A physical data room is a “brick-and-mortar” storage location, where all documents for an M&A transaction are kept. Using physical data room services for operating an M&A is more expensive compared to using a virtual data room. Another disadvantage of this option is that when it comes to document reviews, buyers and bidders have to travel to the destination to view files. With that, additional costs for accommodation and transportation make physical data rooms less cost-effective, especially for large and lengthy M&A transactions.

For this reason, many companies are choosing to use virtual data rooms for mergers and acquisitions. It saves time and money by making the whole process much easier. Using a VDR is very relevant right now due to the pandemic and current travel restrictions. Additionally, VDRs are less expensive, and you get a wide range of features to effectively manage documents through the entire process, including post-merger integration or any other projects.


Mergers and acquisitions is complex transaction that requires dealing with a high volume of important files that contain confidential information. To simplify this process and make it quicker, businesses have been using virtual data room software as they started recognizing the huge potential and advantage that this tool brings.

The merging and acquisition (M&A) process requires an audit of hundreds of files for the buyer to be sure that an object is worth investing in. Imagine how much time you would need to spend on M&A due diligence process by doing paperwork: finding, printing, and sending files takes several weeks, if not months. It goes without mentioning a high cost of postal services and the risk of having your confidential information compromised.

How to simplify and accelerate the process? With an online virtual data room, you can reap benefits from a single storage platform to keep your business documents safe and manage access to it. M&A Singapore providers offer the best virtual data room software – they can take care of every single detail when it comes to file management. With a trustworthy data room, you make M&A process go smoothly and safely. This is the best solution for companies that take their tasks seriously and need a professional approach to handling of sensitive documents. Data rooms not only facilitate the task – they ensure confidentiality and protect your business materials against being hacked, compromised, or deleted.

Choose the most reliable providers – Singapore data rooms are perfect for acquisition and merging processes.