Data Room for M&A in Singapore

Merging and acquisition (M&A) process requires an audit of hundreds of files for the buyer to be sure that an object is worth investing in. Imagine how much time you would need to spend on M&A due diligence process by doing paperwork: finding, printing, and sending files takes several weeks, if not months. It goes without mentioning a high cost of postal services and the risk of having your confidential information compromised.

How to simplify and accelerate the process? With an online virtual data room, you can reap benefits from a single storage platform to keep your business documents safe and manage access to it. M&A Singapore providers offer the best virtual data room software – they can take care of every single detail when it comes to file management.

Why using an online data room software solution?

  1. This is a versatile solution that can be used to store, share, and protect corporate data.
  2. A digital data room provides the whole gamut of options for document handling and collaboration.
  3. This is a very cost-efficient solution that saves you boatloads of time.
  4. With a data room, M&A process is approached responsibly: you can retain full control over files and make sure that information gets in trusted hands only.
  5. Using a data room every authorized team member can get access to necessary files anytime and anywhere – most devices and platforms are supported.

With a suitable solution for M&A, due diligence process becomes so much faster and safer!


Top M&A Data Room Providers in Singapore

data room for M&A deals

Since Singapore is the country with the fastest Internet on the planet, it’s no surprise that virtual data room providers

with servers there can ensure exceptional speed and quality of data processing. There’s a large number of M&A data room providers based in Singapore, but the most outstanding are Box, SecureDocs, and iDeals. Let’s take a closer look at them and perform a small data room comparison.


This provider offers cloud and SaaS data storage, as well as a web-based version of the platform. It ensures high-quality

data storage complementing it with a myriad of features. Among them, you can highlight task automation, access expiry option and limits on previewing and printing, bulk uploads, document linking, and so much more. It will also notify you about updates in documents.

The data room is praised for simple navigation and low technical requirements – your employees won’t have to spend days trying to figure out what is what. Box is created for convenience, safety, and unbeatable efficiency.


It is often called the best M&A data room thanks to the fact that iDeals support a large number of file formats, encrypts documents and scans viruses, and offers drag-and-drop file uploading. The solution from iDeals is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, and you don’t need to install anything – your files are stored in a cloud.

What also makes iDeals the best m&a data room is a responsible approach to security: two-step authentication makes it impossible for unauthorized users to access your files. Besides, you can protect documents using IP address restriction, secure fence view, and time limits. Actions taken with documents can be tracked in real-time.


Out of virtual data room providers, SecureDocs is the one that stands out from an access handling standpoint. First, you can manage anonymity. Secondly, you can set up role-based access permissions. Thirdly, the information can be protected by using 2-step authentication and encryption. Another great perk is document tagging – many superb providers lack this option.

SecureDocs not only provides efficient and functional online data room software – it is also convenient to use. The platform can be accessed from any device being compatible with all OS. It supports numerous file formats and an unlimited amount of users.

How to Use Data Room for M&A

To get the maximum of your data room for M&A, you should be aware of how to exploit it correctly. As soon as you find a perfect M&A Singapore based data room for your business, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Upload business documents. As a rule, it can be done via drag-and-drop or by locating files in the command line. It won’t take much time – high-quality virtual data rooms ensure strikingly high loading speed.
  2. Add people to access the files. As a rule, you need to create accounts for every user – this way, you can make sure that only authorized personnel can access files. Alternatively, you can specify access for existing users, or specify login/email address for that.
  3. When working with access, you can take a step further and protect your files using access expiry, IP restrictions, and so on. With these advanced features, you ensure the unbeatable safety of files.
  4. Want your employees to use the platform for collaboration? Make sure they understand how it works. Sometimes, training is required to explain everything about features and functionality. Don’t miss this step – it’s important for users to handle documents accurately. Otherwise, a little mistake can cost you confidentiality and the data itself.
  5. Some companies support file format converting – perform it if needed.
  6. Share documents by sending them directly or via connected platforms. Every M&A data room is compatible with email services and data storage platforms, as well as other software.

With a trustworthy data room, you make M&A process go smoothly and safely. This is the best solution for companies that take their tasks seriously and need a professional approach to handling of sensitive documents. Data rooms not only facilitate the task – they ensure confidentiality and protect your business materials against being hacked, compromised, or deleted.

Choose the most reliable providers – Singapore data rooms are perfect for acquisition and merging processes. With our reviews, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.