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What is DocSend?

DocSend is a smart solution for small, medium, and large businesses. This virtual data room provider started operations in 2013, San Francisco. The company offers the ability to store and exchange data securely. Users can send files of any format as a link. The sender sets the level of access to the document. If necessary, protection can be even better with an additional password. Without it, the recipient cannot view the data. The expiration date is also a preventive measure for the illegal use of data by third parties. It means that after some time, no one can view/download the document. After making a change to the contents of the file, there is no need to send it again. Updates are automatic and cover the data that is outside of virtual workspaces.

As soon as someone opens a link, DocSend users get notifications of this. In real-time, they can observe the actions that the recipient takes and the views. Managers take advantage of this opportunity by tracking the interests of investors or clients.

DocSend customers are always confident in the security, having the tools to ensure it. Watermark is one of them, compatible with many formats. The superimposed company name, IP address exclude copyright infringement. Personnel or third parties cannot use the watermarked document for personal gain.

To make the virtual data room more recognizable, DocSend customers brand them. It is important to note that viewers can view data without installing the program on the device. Moreover, they can use any gadget they like. E-signature distinguishes this provider from others. This feature enables signing securities directly on the platform. That means an accelerated conclusion of deals, which is not slowed down by meetings or conferences. Platform users can attach a non-disclosure agreement to the link. Before opening the link, the recipient is obliged to sign the contract. The sender then receives a signed document copy. The provider offers a two-week free trial subscription.

DocSend Data Room features:

Features DocSend Data Room

Industry Solutions

Board Portals
Clinical Studies
Document Repository
Due Diligence
IPO & Exits
M&A Sell Side
Private Equity
Biotech Licensing
Debt Financing
M&A Buy Side

Files & Folders Management

File Formats Supported: Pdf, txt, pub, rtf, htm, html, mht, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, bmp, png, tif, tiff, wmf, and flv
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Folders
Archives Upload & Extraction
Document Version Control
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Folders
Export of Data Room Index to Excel
Multilingual Documents Index

File Protection & Digital Rights Management

Granular Document Permissions
View-Only Access
Customizable Document Watermarks
Secure Fence View
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryption
Prevention of Download, Print and Copy
Remote Shredding of Documents
Document Access Expiry

Data Hosting

SOC 2 Certified
Data Backup
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
ISO 27001 Certified

Access Security

Two-Factor Authentications
Granular User Permissions
Access Expiration
Access Limitation by IP Address
Mobile Device Management
Permission Groups

Accessibility & Ease Of Use

Mobile Device Interface
User Interface Languages:
No Plugins
Scroll-Through Web-Based Document Viewer
iOS Application
Android Application

Search, OCR & Filters

Search by Name
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Search by Content (Full Text Search)
Filtering by Parameters

Collaboration Features

Basic Questions & Answers Module
New Document Email Notifications
Advanced Questions & Answers Module
Secure User Messaging
Files & Folders Notes

Activity Tracking & Reporting

Tracking of All User Activity
Real-Time Audit Trail
Graphic Reports
Tracking of Document Viewing Time
Scheduled Reports (Sending to Email)


Branded User Interface
Custom User Invitation Letter
Custom Agreements for Accessing Data Room
Customer-Managed Encryption Keys
Custom Login Page
Single Sign-On Integration
Integrations Through APIs

Support & Services

Business Hours Support
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Phone & Email Support
Data Room Archive on DVD or USB Drive
Support Languages: -
Online Help Center
Live Trainings
Dedicated Project Manager
Translation Services

Deployment Options

Cloud (Web-Based)
On-Premise (Installed)
Multiple Datacenter Locations

Trial & Pricing

Free Trial:
Price: 7 Days

Company Info

Established: 2013
Locations: San Francisco, CA
Employees: -
Clients: -

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